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Meet Taryn, the founder and senior executive virtual assistant behind Crawford Virtual Resources. With over 17 years of experience in the administrative world, Taryn has worked as an executive assistant directly for CEOs and senior management, primarily in the recruitment and talent sector.

Crawford Virtual Resources wants to:

  • Ease your busy schedule
  • Learn and prioritize your tasks as needed
  • Improve your customer service

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Clients Testimonials

At the beginning of 2021, I decided to add Taryn to my team. Since working with Taryn I have experienced great growth in my business. I feel confident with Taryn supporting my business and managing the intricacies of my personal life. Taryn is trustworthy and thorough. Taryn is organized, engaging, and extremely professional. Working with Taryn makes me feel like I am running a multi-million dollar business and I trust that she will represent my business well.

Aquila Farrell

Founder of Luento Email Marketing Covertkit Expert

I am the owner of Kerry Berry and we manufacture natural hair and skin products. We have worked with Taryn Crawford on several occasions as a virtual assistant and she has been a great asset to our company. It has always been a seamless experience working with Taryn. She’s very proactive and takes direction very well while being a team player. She’s incredible with time management and has always met deadlines while executing tasks with percussion. Taryn has helped us stay organized and energy definitely lifts the entire team. Taryn is highly recommended.

Kerry-ann Nicole

Founder of MyKerryBerry Natural Hair and skin company

In 2021, I hired Taryn Crawford as my Virtual Assistant to enhance the client experience at Belle Rouge Photography. During her time with us, my clients and I were very pleased with her professionalism and her enthusiasm. I appreciated the ideas she brought to the table in our weekly team meetings. She learned my client management system quickly and she kept me organized.  There are so many positive things I could say about Taryn however, I will leave you with this. Taryn will make a great asset wherever she works because of her skill set but most importantly because of her authenticity and character. 

RaQuita Weathers

Photographer, Belle Rouge Photography, LLC

The assistant I never knew I needed until we started working together, Taryn, has provided prompt and professional engagement with my clients and allowed me to improve my utilization.

Her exceptional customer service skills have helped establish a favorable and trustworthy relationship between my clients and me. Her ability to anticipate my needs and provide solutions before I even realize I need them is remarkable. Her attention to detail and proactive approach to problem-solving constantly amazed me.

Moreover, by delegating tasks to Taryn, I have streamlined my workflow and optimized my schedule, allowing me to concentrate on high-priority tasks and projects. This has enabled me to make the most of my time and be more productive, significantly improving my utilization.

I am incredibly fortunate to have such an asset on my team. Taryn’s exceptional performance reflects her dedication and commitment to delivering excellent service. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient assistant to boost their productivity and efficiency.

Hackim Farrell

Hackim Farrell Consulting, Cyber Security Product Leader